I have a new online exhibition REMNANTS OF PARADISE at ETCH-A-SKETCH.NET. The new works on paper, an extension to my last exhibition Paradise, features found pieces of paper from the streets of Paris, new full color sketches and a new style of works. Check the entire show here Here are some of the new works of art: Indie_TuttiFruiti__Sketch_Web Indie 184, Tutti Frutti, ink and acrylic on 100lb Vellum paper, 11x14 inches, signed/stamped verso, 2014.

Indie_HaveFun_Sketch_Web Indie 184, Have Fun, ink and acrylic on 140lb /300gm vellum paper, 9 x 12 inches, signed/stamped on the verso, 2014.

Indie_Remnant_Four_webA Indie 184, Polka Face, acrylic and glitter on paper, 12 x 15 inches, signed verso, 2014.