Opening Reception of PHENOMENON

Last Saturday was the opening reception to my 4th solo show, this time at Ugly Gallery in the coastal town of New Bedford, MA. In conjunction, I also had a POP UP Shop for my clothing brand Kweenz Destroy and also released my very first zine. The 'Indie 184' zines feature 24 full color pages of my recent projects and endeavor, the are limited edition of 30, signed and include an all star sticker pack. (More info later as where to get yourself a copy online.) Thanks to everyone who came out to support my show and to the curators and owners of Ugly Gallery - Jeremiah and David.I had a ton of fun making these new paintings and sketches for this show.

IMG_2213.JPG_effected IMG_2215.JPG_effected IMG_2217.JPG_effected IMG_2223.JPG_effected IMG_2229.JPG_effected IMG_2232.JPG_effected IMG_2235.JPG_effected IMG_2238.JPG_effected IMG_2242.JPG_effected IMG_2249.JPG_effected IMG_2256.jpg_effected IMG_2257.JPG_effected IMG_2258.jpg_effected



IMG_2267.jpg_effected IMG_2271.JPG_effected IMG_2272.JPG_effected IMG_2287.JPG_effected IMG_2288.jpg_effected IMG_2293.JPG_effected IMG_2298.JPG_effected IMG_2302.jpg_effected IMG_2311.JPG_effected IMG_2316.jpg_effected



IMG_2321.jpg_effected IMG_7519.jpg_effected IMG_7535.jpg_effected