NYC artist Indie 184: “It’s not a competition. Dare to be different.”

A Couple of weeks ago ,i sat down for a conversation with Bianca (NocureMagazine) ...

NYC graffiti artist Indie 184’s creations make the world a brighter place. Her art promotes, encourages and celebrates having the courage to be yourself! Since the first moment I saw her colourful, unique, bold pieces my heart sang and has been armoured and my mind enchanted with them. I recently interviewed her for No Cure magazine (get it here or in Australian newsagents). I remember when I first told my editor about her work and suggested we should feature her in the mag and he told me the issue was unfortunately already full; a few days later he messaged me again saying, he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about how amazing her work is and let’s make room for a feature. I was overjoyed! The result is a 7-page celebration of Indie’s amazingness. Not only is she a brilliant and important artist, she’s a savvy business woman, mother, feminist, world traveller and so much more. Regular readers of will know I never do interviews half-assed so being me, I did a super in-depth interview with Indie, here’s the extra chat that isn’t featured in the mag.

BIANCA: What were you like growing up?

INDIE: That hard atmosphere [growing up in NYC] made me always want to escape into imaginary places filled with dolls, cartoons and dreams. I was always the black sheep of the family. Didn’t ever felt like I belonged to any cliques even in my own family. At school I liked to hang out with the nerdy outcast kids. I always had an affirmation for the strange, so it reflected in my social circle, a constant colorful palette in my life. I was definitely a dreamer but an action oriented being. As a little girl I loved to draw my family and pets doing random things. I was really into fashion, drawing my desired back to school outfits and styling myself. I spent most of my time in front of the TV watching cartoons like Rainbow Bright, Jem, Muppets and My Little Pony. I was a major bookworm and an honor student. I also loved to dance on tables.

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