Visit to Cuba

I just arrived from my trip to Cuba with Cubaskate and Cuba Educational Travel.  This was my first time in this country and on my list of places to go. Here are just a few photos of my visit. To be in Cuba is to be seduced by it's people, culture and heritage.

Building in Old Havana,


Movie theatre in Old Havana, the streets are embellished everywhere by classic American cars of the 1950's....



Portraits and messages by Che and the revolutionary movement are adorned throughout the streets of the city and countryside




The visit to the countryside of Pinar del Rio was breathtaking and educational as we learned the cigar making process at the tobacco plantations


Only women are allowed to pick and work with the fresh tobacco leaves due to their smoother and smaller hands to handle the leaf.



Artist (and graffiti) resources are limited. There were no graffiti or art shops. Luckily, there was a nearby hardware store that is in a mall, Galeria de Paseos,

were we had to buy house paint and spraypaint imported from Mexico that Monday morning. We had to get the paint as soon as it hit the store shelves

that already looked empty since the supply comes in slowly and demand is so high....

. Indie_Cuba5



School kids in front of the Museo de la Revolucion. The army tank here is the actual one Fidel Castro used defeat American troops in the Bay of Pigs attacks...


Vintage taxi's on the hustle in the Old Havana


A day at El Morro, the 250 year old castle built by the Spaniards in their war to keep Cuba in their rule.

Our tour guide was equipped with this great car in my favorite color. See more of my photos and videos via my instagram @indie184