Deck The Halls @ Vertical Gallery

IMG_0208 I will have 2 collaborative skatedecks with Cope 2. Here are some preview photos... IMG_0248



Press Release:

Vertical Gallery is proud to present DECK THE HALLS, a group art show with all work on skateboard decks. The show will feature over 50 local, national and international artists and will have over 80 skate decks available for sale. 20% of all proceeds will be donated to Chicago-based non-profit The Simple Good. The perfect holiday gift! Join us for the opening reception on Sat. Nov 16, 6-10pm.

The show will feature: Stormie Mills, Jim Houser, Cope 2, Greg Gossel, Ben Frost, My Dog Sighs, Philip Lumbang, Denial, Simon WG Butler, Jason Bryant, Indie184, Max Kauffman, Dave Pressler, Nice One, Lucx, Grant William Thye, Jourdon Gullett, Mike Ruta, Jimmy Bunnyluv, Steve Seeley, Left Handed Wave, Forsaken, Sentrock, Julie Murphy, Erik Lundquist, Adam DeVarney, Helena Ecija Martinez, JC Rivera, Tmoney, Marcelo Eli, Czr Prz, Robert Donis (Poor Kid), E LEE, Jake Castro, Dusty Rabjohn, !CHONGO!, Nate Otto, Juan Chavez, Nicholaus Jamieson, Paul Stacey, Adam Lundquist, Nick Fury, Charlie Megna, yoki, Priya Shah, Saro, Courtney Howell, Dont Fret, Revise, David Soukup, Uriel Correa, Yams, Ben Giska, Ali 6, and Peter Kepha.

The opening reception with many of the artists is on Saturday, November 16, 2013, from 6:00 – 10:00pm. DECK THE HALLS will be open to the public through December 21. Note: this is an off-the-wall show. You may take your deck with you when you make your purchase instead of waiting until end of show.

Vertical Gallery

1016 N. Western Avenue

Chicago, IL 60622